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The consequenses of exposing privacy data can be significant: negative brand reflection, cost of notification, and cost of remediation. Your business should be aware of the location and transmission of any sensitive privacy data with which they are entrusted by the public. We have experience helping companies locate and protect privacy data, and also with dealing with the fallout in the event of a compromise of privacy data. You do not have to go it alone or reinvent the wheel should you encounter this situation.
Privacy Act
Payment Card Industry
Are you preparing to become PCI compliant? Do you need help complying with or identifying compensating controls? Do you find yourself struggling with inefficiencies or costly processes to stay compliant? We can provide insights and recommendations on how to get and stay PCI compliant in a cost effective model. We have extensive expertise in performing assessments of the twelve PCI (formerly CISP) requirements for Level 1 Merchants, Service Providers, and Financial Institutions.
Your healthcare clients, or health information of your employees must be protected. Our team will help you identify security, controls, and procedures that will help you protect this sensitive information in a cost-effective and efficient manner.