Computer Security Services, LLC
Vulnerability Assessments
Full Scale Security and Network Assessments
We will employ the strategies and techniques of someone with no knowledge of your computing environment attempting to locate and exploit vulnerabilities.
Penetration Testing
Vulnerability Scanning
It is important to identify vulnerabilities on your network, servers, applications and web sites. We will perform a comprehensive review and help you understand the results. Our recommendations will be customized for your environment.
Tailgating, unsecured doors, floors, ceilings, locks and false credentials are various methods intruders may use to gain access to your valuable resources. We can provide a professional assessment of the controls you may have in place, whether technology or personnel.
Physical Site Assessment
Configuration Review
Our professionals have the expertise to review your network system, server system, database, or application for security and configuration hardening.
Social Engineering
You may have a very secure facility and access technology, but it can all be compromised or diluted if your security or support personnel do not appropriately identify authorized requests. We can help you with security awareness training and appropriate responses to unauthorized requests.
With extensive experience in varying network architectures, our professionals will help you design or re-architect your network for efficiency and security.
Network Architecture Review
Understanding your data flow is key to securing data and maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of your valuable data resources. An architectural review can improve the efficiency of your application and use of key data resources.
Data Flow Architecture Review