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Full Scale Security and Network Offerings
We provide network security testing per NIST 800-42 to meet your requirements of independant security testing. Our teams have extensive experience performing security testing on numerous operating systems, network technologies and computing systems. Our testing not only identifies areas for improvement, but also includes recommendations and strategies for remediation.
Independent Security Testing
Certification and Accreditation
Independent Verification and Validation
Staff Augmentation
Certification and Accreditation (C&A) is not optional for Federal systems; it is required. C&A needs to start early, reaching the Interim Authority to Operate (IATO) milestone is a pre-requisite before a system can be used in production. Full Authority to Operate (ATO) can take up to 6 months depending on speed of approvals and any re-work/ remediation necessary. Our experts can guide you through the Certification and Accreditation process, and/or perform designated activities for you.
CSS’s Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) Solution addresses the need to provide objective and proactive feedback to an organization concerning the critical elements of their program management infrastructure, systems, and business practices. Traditional IV&V services typically involve an audit function and are reactive in nature; organizations experience a significant amount of discomfort before they can remediate and move forward. In contrast, CSS’s IV&V approach takes place early in the project life cycle, helping organizations proactively build in security measures so they can quickly incorporate opportunities for improvement.
Our team of experienced professionals can provide experience and expertise to supplement your staff and contracting needs. We can cover a wide range of Information Technology and Business Management Consulting. Contact us today for further information.